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OMEN X Compact Desktop

Play your way

Game in freedom with three diverse modes.1 Easily move from your desktop, to the couch, all the way to immersive VR with this power-packed, adaptable desktop that opens the world of gaming.

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Liberate your game

Play your favorite PC games the way you want to play them with three diverse game modes.1

Desktop mode

Desktop mode

Play on your desktop the way you’ve been gaming for years—connect your monitor and favorite accessories to form the perfect arsenal.

VR mode

VR mode

Strap into the optional VR backpack and a compatible VR headset,2 and prepare to fully immerse without the worry of tripping over cords.

Couch mode

Couch mode

Connect to your big-screen TV to play PC games from the comfort of your couch with a compatible controller.

Free to move. Free to game.

Strap your OMEN X Compact Desktop into the VR Backpack for uninterrupted, seamless gaming. Untether from your desk, roam freely, and step into the future of virtual reality.

OMEN X Compact Desktop
Built for comfort

Built for comfort

Padded straps with adjustable clips have been designed to reduce shoulder fatigue while the lower support structure evenly distributes weight across your lower back and waist. The angled base will help you stay cool by lifting the PC away from your back to maximize air flow and reduce heat transfer.

Keep on playing

Keep on playing

Never worry about drained batteries interrupting your game. The OMEN X Compact Desktop VR Backpack comes with two pairs of fast-charging batteries with up to one hour of battery life3 each so you can charge one pair while using the other. When you're running low, the waist strap-mounted battery holsters make it easy to swap mid-game without removing the backpack.

Cutting-edge graphics

Possess the power to run even the most demanding VR games with a factory overclocked NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080.


10: Gaming Perfected

Powered by the new NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture, the factory overclocked NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1080 delivers improved performance of previous-generation graphics cards, plus superb energy-efficiency, innovative new gaming technologies, and breakthrough VR experiences.

Unleash the beast

Intel Core i7

Intel® Core™ processors

Add absolute power to your arsenal with the latest Intel® Core™ processors (HK-series on select models)4, unlocked for overclocking5 and crank up the settings for a fast, superb gaming experience.

Advanced thermal engineering

Advanced thermal engineering

Thermal engineering is a crucial component of this design. Multiple fans help keep critical components cool while electrical systems have been optimized to handle higher wattage and voltage requirements.



The PCIe SSD gives you insane speeds while optimizing your storage. It’s up to 17 times faster than a traditional hard drive, meaning faster boot times, game loading, and installations.6

Advanced thermal engineering

DDR4 memory

With up to 32GB of fast, high bandwidth DDR4 RAM, everything from multitasking to playing games gets a performance boost.7

Immerse. Dock. Repeat.

After your VR session, simply insert your OMEN X into the included dock and instantly connect to your lineup of gaming accessories to get right back into the action.

Packed with ports

Easy plug in your VR setups and favorite accessories.

360° viewer

OMEN Command Center

Fine-tune and customize your setup with OMEN Command Center. The included software gives you the boost you need to rank up and deliver serious damage.

Easy overclocking

Amp up your game with an easy-to-use interface for overclocking5 your processor and built in safeguards to help reduce the risk of component damage.

Network booster

Network Booster reduces latency by prioritizing gaming network traffic to the front of the line. Dual Force functionality splits traffic across two data streams, sending gaming traffic over the fastest connection available (typically wired), and all other traffic over WiFi.8

Lighting control

Get creative with OMEN'S fully customizable lighting control which enables you to change the color of your LED lights across five zones and create personal light shows through “Color Loop”.

To view entire Omen by HP gaming desktop range, please click here.

  1. Peripherals sold searately.
  2. VR Headsets are not for children under the age of 13. All users should read the VR Headset User Guide to reduce the risk of personal injury, discomfort, property damage and other potential hazards and for important information related to your health and safety when using the headset.
  3. Actual battery life will vary with use and environmental conditions, and will naturally decrease with time and usage.
  4. Multi-core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Intel’s numbering is not a measurement of higher performance.
  5. Altering clock frequency and/or voltage may: (i) reduce system stability and useful life of the system, processor, and other system components; (ii) cause the processor and other system components to fail; (iii) cause reductions in system performance; (iv) cause additional heat or other damage; and (v) affect system data integrity. HP and Intel have not tested, and does not warrant, the operation of the processor beyond its specifications. HP and Intel have not tested, and do not warranty, the operation of other system components beyond their industry standard specifications. HP and Intel assume no responsibility that the processor and other system components, including if used with altered clock frequencies and/or voltages, will be fit for any particular purpose.
  6. Based on HP internal testing using CrystalDiskMark benchmarking software. Performance is sequentially faster (read only) compared to traditional 5,400 rpm HDD.
  7. Amount of memory varies by configuration.
  8. Wireless access point and Internet service required. Availability of public wireless access points limited. The specifications for the 802.11ac WLAN are draft specifications and are not final. If the final specifications differ from the draft specifications, it may affect the ability of the notebook to communicate with other 802.11ac WLAN devices.
  9. All performance specifications represent the typical specifications provided by HP's component manufacturers; actual performance may vary either higher or lower.

NVIDIA, GeForce, Surround, and the NVIDIA logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

For DTS patents, see Manufactured under license from DTS Licensing Limited. DTS, the Symbol, & DTS and the Symbol together are registered trademarks, and HEADPHONE:X and the DTS HEADPHONE:X logo are trademarks of DTS, Inc. © DTS, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.

DisplayPort™ and the DisplayPort™ logo are trademarks owned by theVideo Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) in the United States and other countries.

Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) in the United States and other countries.

USB Type-C™ and USB-C™ are trademarks of USB Implementers Forum.

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